Le Centre d’art of Port-au-Prince - A New Era for the Haitian Art

For the past 75 years, Le Centre d’art of Port-au-Prince has nurtured many renowned Haitian artists from Hector Hyppolite to Edouard Duval Carrié and put the Haitian art on international maps. An educational center, a gallery and a promoter of the arts, Le Centre d’art has become the cradle of Haitian arts for many generations of artists and art lovers. Le Centre d’art believes that everyone — especially young people — should have access to the arts, so it provides accessible courses, conferences, exhibitions, publications, and cultural outreach workshops.

In 2014, four years after the earthquake damaged its premises, Le Centre d’art reopened its doors in a temporary location and re-started working on enhancing the Center’s art collections and archives while designing a new future for the organization. The plans are ambitious: to restore a historical gingerbread house that will house the collections and serve as the hub for the artists, to catalogue and restore the invaluable collections and to create a space, physical and virtual, to promote the Haitian art.

Le Centre d’art continues its original mission while adapting it to the new challenges of the arts community focusing on three areas of activities:

 (1) Attract talent, educate, mentor and support Haitian artists

 (2) Document and preserve Haiti’s significant visual arts heritage

 (3) Provide access to arts for the public to reinforce social bonds and democratize the arts.

Join us on our journey to bring Le Centre d’art in Port-au-Prince to a new era to promote Haitian art, support Haitian artists and make the art a part of Haitian communities.

Help us bring the Centre d'art to a new era to promote Haitian art and support Haitian Artists.

Learn more on the  Le Centre d'art website.

- The Ayiti Demen Team


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